Based on the Synchronised Regenerating Natural System the TIMEXPERT SRNS anti-ageing line from Germaine de Capuccini stimulates self-protection during the day thanks to its ZINC-GLYCINE COMPLEX* ingredient. During the night RC-ADVANCED** reactivates the cellular regenerating mechanisms.

*Zinc-Glycine Complex, ingredient awarded with the IFSCC prize (considered the Nobel prize of Cosmetics).
**RC-Advanced, exclusive ingredient from Germaine de Capuccini.

Germaine de Capuccini perfects the classical strategy of action of TIMEXPERT SRNS including in its anti-ageing technology the power of epigenetics: a new scientific discipline that makes possible what until today was unthinkable: to influence the behaviour of the genes to achieve their optimal performance.

TIMEXPERT SRNS is thus placed at the vanguard of cosmetic science; on the frontier between present and future.

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NEW Repair Night Progress Serum

Our best serum just got better!  Incorporating its ultra-concentrated formula an innovative ingredient capable of multiplying the regenerating power of the skin to promote the 10 key signs of youthfulness results, rested, luminous skin with more volume and visibly rejuvenated in 7 days.  For all skin types.  Dermatologist-tested.


Pro 60+ & Sleeping Cure Duo Gift

An irresistible proposal for the most demanding skin that combines the new multi-action anti-ageing treatment Extra-Nourishing Highly Demanding Cream with our excellent intensive sleep cure Sleeping Cure-Detox Night Concentrate.


Sleeping Cure – Detox Night Concentrate


Sleeping Cure is a detox night concentrate designed to put an end to the fatigued and suffocated appearance that makes your skin look 5 years older. A true intensive recoverer that works with maximum effectiveness during the “23h-2h Golden Hours”, when the cellular regeneration process reaches its highest point.


SRNS High Recovery Night Comfort Cream

A brand new product to the SRNS Line – perfect for skin which feels dry and for use at Night.


SRNS Illuminating Detox Eye Formula – Puffiness & Bags

Magnificent treatment for the eye contour with detoxifying, revitalising and anti-fatigue action that works specifically on all the signs associated with “cellular fatigue”.



SRNS Intensive Recovery Cream

A cream completely synchronised with the needs of your skin day & night.


SRNS Intensive Recovery Eye Contour Serum

A “booster” of youthfulness for the eye contour area with a great concentration of high technology ingredients with an extremely light gel-texture.