SRNS Illuminating Detox Eye Formula – Puffiness & Bags

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Magnificent treatment for the eye contour with detoxifying, revitalising and anti-fatigue action that works specifically on all the signs associated with “cellular fatigue”, thus giving way to a revitalised and fresh eye contour as if awaking after a restorative sleep.

New Illuminating Detox Formula – puffiness and bags under the eyes that works against “cellular fatigue” with three essential gestures:

  1. Defatiguing action relaxed contour (without puffiness or bags under the eyes) 
    • Albizia Extract known as “the silk tree”: works against signs of fatigue associated with glycoxilation, minimising the toxins accumulated in the cells, strengthening the capacity to generate energy in them, while rebalancing the synthesis of melatonin in the fibroblasts. In this way the effect of a “good sleep” is restored on the eye contour.
    • Caffeine: with great draining, lipolytic and micro-circulation stimulating power.
  2. Illuminating action elevated to the maximum power.  
    • Optical diffusors that correct the shadowy appearance of bags under the eyes, lighting them up immediately.
  3. Lifting action awake look. 
    • Pro-Liftine: rejuvenates the expression with an immediate and lasting lifting effect.
    • Its extraordinary formula is joined also by the ingredients: Zinc-Glycine Complex + RC-Advanced: intensely optimises the skin’s “stress capital”.
    • Hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight: prevents water loss, protects the skin against external aggression and fills in lines and fine wrinkles.

Its special metallic applicator, ergonomical and ultra-fresh, allows to carry out a light massage in each application that maximises its properties.

Size:  15ml



Specific massage movements have been created. They are described in the package insert.

1. Place small doses of the product on both eyelids.
2. Carry out different massage movements on the eye contour and on the “crow’s feet”.
3. Invert the applicator and insist on each fine wrinkle.
4. Carry out pressing points.
5. Finish by massaging with your fingertips until the cream is completely absorbed.

Clean the applicator with a tissue after every use.

Its application is especially recommended in the morning. Thanks to its immediate revitalising action it is also ideal for any occasion in which instantly “erasing” signs of fatigue or lack of sleep is required.


Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. Perfume-free. Maximum eye tolerance.