Serums work at the heart of the cells and should be used when the skin needs an extra boost. A serum need not be used all year around. Generally, serums should be applied before applying your treatment cream morning / and/or night.

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A treatment that provides skin “intoxicated” by environmental pollution with an effective system to work against, defend itself and recover from the continuous attacks it receives in the city and skin of smokers.



Absolute Nutrition.  Absolute Beauty.  Anti-wrinkle nourishing facial oil.


Excel Therapy Premier The SERUM

An extraordinary serum that works against the ageing process. Germaine de Capuccini’s most luxurious serum.


Multi-Regenerating Rose Hip Oil

One of nature’s finest jewels. Rosehip Oil, offering many therapeutic benefits for both face and body. The most advanced Rose Hip formula; with an ultra light formula to provide extra nourishing, firming and regenerating benefits. Can be used by all skin types to maximise their skincare routine.



NEW Repair Night Progress Serum

Our best serum just got better!  Incorporating its ultra-concentrated formula an innovative ingredient capable of multiplying the regenerating power of the skin to promote the 10 key signs of youthfulness results, rested, luminous skin with more volume and visibly rejuvenated in 7 days.  For all skin types.  Dermatologist-tested.


Pure C Essence Ampoules

An exceptional ‘super serum’ with pure Vitamin C, the best anti-ageing product you can buy!!


Timexpert Lift(IN) Vector Lift – Master Firmness Serum

An anti-ageing technological jewel.  Powerful concentrate of firmness and redefinition.


Timexpert Rides Intense Corrective Serum

For a more intense program, this product should be used under the Timexpert Rides Correction Cream, LIGHT, RICH or the X.CEL Youthful Cream to provide a real ‘boost’ to the skin.


Timexpert Rides Retinage Filler


An incredible serum to improve deeper wrinkles, filling them in from within. Suitable even for the most sensitive of skin.