Environmental & social commitments

At Germaine de Capuccini only the best will do. For that reason it has dedicated itself to constantly improving it’s workplace conditions and Carbon emission output.  It also takes its social responsibilities seriously and plays an active role, not just in Spain, but throughout the world.

  • Germaine de Capuccini are the very first skincare house to invest in the research and technology to create packaging for products that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. This is truly revolutionary and shows continued commitment by Germaine de Capuccini to the environment.
  • Germaine de Capuccini was  the first company in the professional skincare sector to become CO2ZERO certified; an accreditation for companies committed to compensating for and reducing their CO2 emissions.
  • The Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 guarantees quality in each working process.
  • The Environmental Management System ISO 14001 came as a result of our commitment to protecting the environment.
  • By means of awareness, training and technology Germaine de Capuccini improves and has achieved a 30% reduction in water reduction since 2001 despite having increased it’s product output.
  • Recycle & Reuse is the motto within the work place, recycling some 395 tons of cardboard and 30 tons of plastic since 2001, in fact the rate of recycling within the factory amounts to 74% of material used.
  • The Prevention of Risks in the Workplace certificate came because we care about the safety and health of our 200 staff.
  • Continuing with it’s commitment to the environment, Germaine de Capuccini has recently launched its first certified organic line, “Naturae”, which has ECOCERT certification. Naturae products contain no silicones, parabens or artificial colourings.
  • Germaine de Capuccini were the first skincare company to include Braille in all of its packaging.
  • Germaine de Capuccini helps to improve the well-being of socially discriminated minorities.  In this way it uses natural ingredients in its formulations, whose sustained cultivation is promoted by programmes like BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) of South Africa which offer development opportunities for the discriminated minorities in that country.
  • Germaine de Capuccini collaborates with the ‘Sandra Ibarra Foundation of Solidarity against Cancer’ with different activities to raise the awareness of society and support those affected.  Indeed special products packs have been designed especially for those undergoing chemical treatments which affect the skin.