Efficy – Dynamic Treatments

Transforming the way you can offer treatments

There is simply nothing on the market that offers what Efficy is able to. Efficy is a modular medical platform that provides three unique technologies in one machine that can be combined to treat a number of aesthetic concerns:

  • Lines & wrinkles
  • Facial lifting & toning
  • Acne Scarring
  • Pigmentation
  • Flaccidity
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch marks
  • Bust lifting
  • Body shaping & lifting

Before and After Efficy Treatment

These pictures were taken before and after using Efficy for 12 minutes only – as featured in the Mail On-Line

Before After Efficy

These pictures were taken before and after only 3 Efficy treatments – pictures courtesy of Sophie at The Beauty Room.

Technologies include: Mono-polar capacitive radio-frequency with digital control A new generation radio-frequency with excellent performance and multiple actions that surpasses today’s devices. The innovative mono-polar capacitive technique of EFFICY generates heat from the inside to the outside of tissues, propagating it in a controlled way. In this way, treatments become more effective and are exempt from risks such as burns and residual flaccidity. It provides a precise deposit of energy to achieve the desired action, thus obtaining greater effectiveness in each session. The Duty Cycle* digital control allows to modulate frequencies and pulse widths in order to achieve thermal, piezo-electric-resonating and mechanical effects, which provide an in-depth biological activation, thus making it possible to work on different levels in a synergistic way. Therefore, the EFFICY radio-frequency is capable of working in a very precise way, which makes it a technology of utmost effectiveness. EFFICY incorporates the innovative and exclusive concept of“Dynamic Control of the Energy Absorbed”.  During the treatment, the device performs a constant control, modifying the provided energetic density until reaching the amount of energy predetermined for each programme. The advantages this concept provides are:

    • Totally “PERSONALISED” programmes.
    • Utmost performance and optimisation of each programme.
    • Control and correction of a correct application technique.

Advanced vacuum therapy with digital control Innovative and exclusive digital technology with “push-pull effect”. Its innovation lies in the combination, in a single head piece, of a simultaneous vacuum and pressing on the tissue, which results in a fusion of the vacuum therapy effect with the presso-therapy effect. DTI System, Mono-polar capacitive transdermal introduction system with digital control It is the first mono-polar capacitive transdermal introduction system with digital control that, thanks to its avant-garde Duty Cycle* technology, guarantees penetration of the active ingredients of the skincare or cosmeceutical product exactly to the skin level where the therapist wants them to act: Epidermis, Dermis or Hypodermis.  This is irrespective of the molecular structure of the product. – We call this galvanic on steroids!

Efficy has recently been featured in the Daily Mail online. To view the this and other Germaine de Capuccini press articles please view Press Coverage.

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