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The new Glycocure Roll & Lift treatment from Germaine de Capuccini offers relaxation and results in just half an hour.

Tapping into the growing demand for express treatments, Germaine de Capuccini launched a new 30-minute facial, the Glycocure Roll & Lift, in May. While the facial can be extended to up to an hour and a half, for those looking for a longer and more indulgent option, the standard treatment time is a quick 30 minutes, making it perfectly suited to busy professionals.

The treatment begins with a canvas poultice containing warm stones being placed on the skin, not only on the face but also on other parts of the body, including the arms and legs. Combined with a facial cleanse using the Japanese Kobido facial massage technique, with hot towels applied to my face, it is the perfect, relaxing, way to be eased into the treatment.

The next step in the facial is aimed at regenerating and reviving the skin, through the application of the Glyco Peel. Containing 24% neutralised glycolic acid, this is a high concentrate peel that, due to its strength, is applied to the skin for a mere four minutes. Once the peel, which I cannot even feel as it works its way into my skin, has been removed, the Comforting Carboactive Neutraliser Mask is applied.
Designed to soothe the skin and counteract any redness or sensitivity caused by the peel, the Mask produces a slight bubbling effect on the skin, as it reacts to the alpha hydroxy acids in the Glyco Peel mask. The effect is a mildly tingling sensation, but it’s not at all uncomfortable.

The facial concludes with the step from which the treatment takes its name, the roll and lift. The roll and lift wand – one side of which is smooth and even, the other containing spherical germanium insertions designed to balance the skin’s positive and negative ions – is applied to various
pressure points on the face. Said to help firm and tone the skin and consequently reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, this unusual tool is surprisingly heavy to hold, but feels light and unobtrusive on my face. With a head massage also worked into the facial, the Glycocure Roll & Lift manages to fit both results – smoother and clearer skin – and relaxation into just half an hour.

(Tried & Tested, Nora Elias)

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