Our History

Germaine de Capuccini was created in 1964 by Carmen Vidal, an unconventional woman of her time who started by handcrafting her formulas in a small laboratory, but in a matter of no time, this became a factory equipped with cutting edge equipment.  Now, more than 18,000 square metres are dedicated to research & development and the manufacturing of high quality products that have become more and more complex and unique in their formulation.

Mrs Vidal has recently been recognised by the prestigious international magazine, Marie Claire, as the creator of the first Spanish cosmetic empire and as one of the women who revolutionised the world of professional cosmetics. The article entitled “With them came the Revolution”, takes a look at the life and successes of the women who have made history in the world of cosmetics. Germaine de Capuccini’s founder appears alongside other influential women such as Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein and the Carita sisters.

Over the years the ranges created have grown and the company entered the Spa Market in 2001, starting with the Marine Line, before over time, increasing the number of lines to include some of the most exquisite journeys from around the world with the Spice Line, Delicatessen Line, Privilege Line and Mediterranean Lines.  The facial lines grew to specialise strongly in the anti-ageing sector, and the introduction of the most beautiful massage rituals and specialised protocols allow for every treatment offered to become a real ‘experience’ for the client.