Extreme Nutrition for Winter Skin

by / Tuesday, 05 December 2017 / Published in Beauty, Lifestyle

The needs of the skin are not the same in summer as in winter.

During the winter months the cold, wind, lack of humidity and sudden changes of temperature are, among others, factors that affect our skin negatively, producing dryness, irritation, tightness and loss of luminosity.

The key element for the skin to stay youthful and vital, despite the passing of the years, is that it maintains a suitable nutrition.

Germaine de Capuccini proposes two magnificent treatments, depending on the skin type, that will fill the most demanding skin with well-being and smoothness, so they do not suffer and that they appear perfect.

An exquisite combination that provides the skin with the nutrition and well-being it needs.

Timexpert Absolute Nourishment Elixir & Timexpert SRNS Intensive Nourishing Cream


A cream with an exquisite texture, fine and melting, that will work as an essential reinforcement for mature skin to help it preserve its defences of youthfulness, its “Stress Capital”.
Its formula is based on the revolutionary Zinc-Glycine Complex, with the exclusive ingredient RCAdvanced, which will help to powerfully increase the defence capacity and self-repair of the skin during the day.
The anti-ageing action of these two ingredients, together with the High-Purity Collagen Activator and the Hyaluronic Acid, work synergistically to reduce the main signs of ageing: extreme dryness, flaccidity, wrinkles, etc.
Now the skin, deeply reinforced, increases its self-defence and repair capacity, thus delaying its ageing process.


Timexpert Absolute Nourishment Elixir & Timexpert SRNS Pro60+ Extra-Nourishing Highly Demanding Cream


A sublime cream with a rich and silky texture that offers an intensive response to the 5 challenges of skin ageing in full maturity:
1. Provides comfort and hydration for dry and tight skin with a group of ingredients with high hydrating power: High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, Multi-lamelar Complex of Ceramides, Cholesterol and Sphingosines.Protects and strengthens the skin against environmental aggression. Thanks to RC-Advanced it prevents and repairs damage in DNA, prolonging cellular life and delaying skin ageing.Stimulates the group of skin regeneration processes to recover firmness, delay relaxation and preserve the facial oval. A correct combination of Biologically Active Cytokines capable of redensifying our skin from the deepest layers.Smoothes the skin micro-relief and increases suppleness and tone. Thanks to the action of the innovative ingredient Epigenol, the key mechanisms of youthfulness are activated, altered by our lifestyle.

2. Provides luminosity for a healthy appearance at any age, while correcting and minimizing pigmentation darkspots with a powerful complex of milk proteins that actively influence the regulation of the metabolism of the melanocytes.
Day after day, the signs of ageing are globally smoothed. Intensely nourished, strengthened and regenerated the skin recovers suppleness, a more uniform and luminous tone and unique wellbeing and comfort.


Dry oil that deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin.  A combination of oils and ingredients of natural origin that make up the richest of the cares, predestined to occupy a privileged place in your daily beauty ritual.   The formula has been elaborated to concentrate in a few drops all the nourishing power that the skin needs.  Cocktail with seven plant oils with a powerful regenerating force (winter rose, amber, sesame, hazelnut, apricot, almond, corn).  Pro-Collagestine-Fill technology intensely reactivates the natural filling in power of the skin and improves the “skin architecture” to effectively work against lines and wrinkles.  Stimulates high-purity collagen synthesis to achieve firmer, denser skin.  Alaria Esculenta Extract, cellular rejuvenator with detoxifying and firming properties.   Jasmine essential wax gives the skin an extraordinary experience of application and a particular silky touch.  Day by day, the uncomfortable signs of skin dryness will be left behind. The face is full of vitality and youthfulness.

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