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At Germaine de Capuccini we have several treatment lines for covering each skin need. Each line has its own history. In this post we reveal 6 curiosities about Excel Therapy O2:


Why the name Excel Therapy O2?

Excel Therapy O2 is the name given to the line in 2007.

O2 refers to the molecular oxygen included in its formula and that was a cosmetic revolution. Although the line has evolved with the inclusion of the latest anti-pollution innovations the name has been kept for its sound and the effects on the skin of the cytokines.

Did you know it’s in its twenties?

Born in 94, Excel Therapy O2 has been and is one of the iconic lines of Germaine de Capuccini. A pioneer then by basing its formulation on the activity of the cytokines, “intelligent” molecules. In 2018 it strengthens its formulation by including in 3 of its star products (the contour, the cream and the emulsion) the latest anti-pollution innovation, the LARGE ANTI-POLLUTION technology, capable of strengthening and working like a protective shield for the more urbanite skin.

Why the blue colour?

Blue is the colour of tranquillity and serenity, of friendship and friendliness. Fresh and cheerful it makes us feel protected. It reminds us of the sea in calmness and the clear sky. The perfect colour for the line that protects our skin.


The best prescribers

In 2007 the top-model Linda Evangelista was the campaign image and ambassador of the renewed line. It was the first time that Linda accepted to do a campaign in Spain. The photographer was the internationally renowned Javier Vallhonrat. An avantgarde a striking campaign. A before and after in the history of the firm.

In 2017, exactly 10 years later, the line is renewed again with the latest trend in beauty: anti-pollution cosmetics. For the occasion, right in the centre of the Gran Vía (Madrid) we made a presentation and had the actress Blanca Suárez as sponsor, a urbanite and cosmopolitan woman, the perfect representative of anti-pollution cosmetics.


It is the cosmetics with prize

This year 2018 the magazine VOGUE ESPAÑA awarded Cityproof from Excel Therapy O2 as Best In-booth Treatment for its innovation, effects and sensoriality on the skin; a new-generation therapy applied with a massage inspired by an ancient Oriental therapy and facial reflexology. A true revolution in anti-pollution treatments.



Where was the campaign spot filmed?

We wanted a urbanite and cosmopolitan city. That is why we chose Valencia as the place for this video spot. The city of flowers and light.

Its blue, clear skies can be enjoyed all the days of the year. It gave birth to painters such as Sorolla, known as the “painter of light” for his paintings of the Mediterranean; or Calatrava, the famous architect of the City of Arts and Sciences, situated between the sky and the earth, where the colour blue is the true protagonist.

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