Timexpert Lift(IN) Supreme Definition Eye Contour

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Lift your point of view. The revolutionary treatment that works to “rebuild” the skin matrix of the ocular perimeter, lifting the look. Thanks to BLEFAROPLEX it reveals a lifting action in the top eyelids, offering a non-invasive alternative to eyelid surgery.

Formulated with the innovative Alpha-Gel Technology, it contains Chromo-Correcting Pigments that reflect and selectively transmit certain colours, achieving a clear and open look.

Exceptional for achieving a healthy tone with no need to use makeup.

In one month*

  • The eyelid is firmed and lifted.
  • “Crow’s feet” disappear.
  • The eye contour appears rested and revitalised.

Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. Its tolerance by the skin has been proven.

*126 persons (37-71 years) declare after one month of daily use.

Indicated for
All skin types.

BLEFAROPLEX A unique innovation in anti-ageing cosmetics, the synergistic union of a series of botanical ingredients that increases collagen and elastin synthesis, as well as working against glycation.

ALPHA-GEL TECHNOLOGY. Generates a delicate, enveloping film with “second skin” effect with extraordinary anti-ageing properties that enhance the lifting effect. Provides a deep hydration, instantly improving the appearance and relief of the skin.

CHROMO-CORRECTING PIGMENTS. They work as a pigment corrector.

Presentation: 15-ml
Includes LIFT(IN) EYES exclusive massager.



Apply after the serum and before the usual cream, in the morning and at night.  We recommend Timexpert Lift(IN) Vector Lift Serum and Timexpert Lift(IN) Supreme Definition Cream.

Expert application with LIFT(IN) EYES massager: stimulates micro-circulation and enhances the lifting effect.


Massage A:

  • Spread product
  • Circular pressure points
  • Wrinkle erasing

Massage B:

  • Alternate ironing massager/fingers
  • Alternate lissages massage/fingers (only upper)
  • Pinching massager/thumb (only upper)

Clean the massager with a tissue after each use.