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Shock Fluids Photo-Aged Recovery

Shock facial serum that recovers the condition of photoaged skin.

Recovers skin damaged by the sun, correcting the visible signs of over exposure. Reduces wrinkles and unifies the tone.

With visible results from the first moment of application they work from inside the skin, strengthening and recovering it. They enhance the effectiveness of the daily treatment.

Indicated for
Skin damaged by the sun, photoaged and lifeless. Recommended after the summer, excess sun and/or weekend in the snow.

After 10 days of treatment*
Declare that the immediate effects on the skin are:
Luminous, with vital appearance ~ 86,21%
More strengthened, more prepared to face the day ~ 81,03%
More supple and juicy ~ 81,03%
*Self-evaluation test carried out on 58 people between the ages of 40 and 72. 89.66% consider that the results obtained are an extra and an added value to their usual treatment product.

10 glass ampoules x 1.5 ml




Niacinamide, Folic Acid, Plant Ingredient extracted from Soya and Vitamin D3.


Shake well, break with the help of the breakage cane and apply the content of the ampoule every morning with massage on cleansed skin on the face, neck and décolletage. After its total absorption apply the usual treatment cream.

Use one ampoule a day while necessary.

We recommend the daily use of a specific protector with protection factor suitable for the skin type.