Full Lashes – Densifying Booster for Eyelashes and Eyebrows

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Full lashes works effectively against lashes that have become weaker and have lost their length. The laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini have developed a unique treatment that visibly improves their appearance with utmost safety and efficiency. The innovation lies in its formulation which contains Matrikine Lash, a vitaminated Matrikine which works directly on the hair follicles, helping to prolong the natural growth phase and create longer, fuller lashes that are more stable and less likely to shed easily. Full Lashes also contain Panthenol (provitamin B5) which nourishes and reinforces the root of each hair, helping to improve the flexibility of the hair and improve its resistance, it also repairs damaged hair fibres.

Full Lashes can also be used effectively on sparse eyebrows.

A unisex treatment especially for:

Short and/or sparse lashes
Sparse or thin eyebrows
Loss of lashes in makeup removal
Medical treatments that provoke the loss of eyebrows and lashes
Periods of severe stress
After giving birth

Visible results can be seen in just 30 days, but results are maximised and completed after 60 days usage. maintenance – apply 3 times a week.

Tests carried out showed results of lash growth by up to 43% in 30 days!

8ml container






To achieve fully satisfactory results, the product should be used uninterruptedly for two months, morning and night, on cleansed and dry skin. In order to maintain the results achieved, we recommend reducing its use to a minimum of three days per week.

– Lashes: Apply with the brush along the root of the upper eyelash, from the inside to the outside. Then, with the eye closed, carry out a gentle massage until its total absorption (lower lashes will also be affected in an indirect way).

– Eyebrows: Apply the product along the eyebrow or the area of the eyebrow that needs to be cared for and then carry out a gentle massage until its total absorption.

After a couple of minutes makeup may be applied.