Timexpert Rides Eyes – Anti-Fatigue Aqua Patch Lines/Wrinkles


Timexpert Rides Eyes – Anti-Fatigue Aqua Patch Lines/Wrinkles

Patch with aqua-gel technology. Its optimal occlusion ensures the penetration of the ingredients in record time. It has a relieving and smoothing action.

Its special design, designed exclusively by Germaine de Capuccini, covers all the wrinkles of the eye contour. It adapts and adheres perfectly to the area to be treated.

Rejuvenates, revitalises the eye contour and erases signs of fatigue immediately.

Indicated for:
Skin with wrinkles in the eye contour, as well as puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Box with 12 sachets.




Innovative ingredients such as Micro-Dermoxine Complex and Azarole Bud Extract, which achieve a rested and youthful eye contour, minimising expression lines and wrinkles.


Twice a week, after applying your usual eye contour product, place the ANTI-FATIGUE AQUA-PATCH LINES/WRINKLES on the eye contour. Leave in place for 20 minutes and remove. The part of the patch in contact with the skin has to be the smoother one.