Timexpert Lift(IN) Vector Lift – Master Firmness Serum



TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) VECTOR LIFT Master Firmness Serum has been awarded, by the British magazine Pure Beauty, with the silver medal in the category of Best Premium Product 2016 for skin care.

The Pure Beauty Awards are prestigious awards organized by the magazine with the same name, in charge of rewarding innovation in the British skincare industry. The Pure Beauty Awards acknowledge the best of beauty with the most effective and innovative products launched in their market in the last 12 months. The readers of the magazine participate in the vote and help to decide the final results.”

Developed with V-Matrix. Biotechnology and nature united to reinforce the mesh that underlies the skin, giving it support and volume. The lifting is generated inside to become visible outside.

Lifts          Fills In          Tautens

A true lifting prodigy that resculpts without generating tightness.

Minimises and improves the appearance of pores and works against their dilation due to the effects of a natural extract with specific action.

VECTOR LIFT MASTER FIRMNESS SERUM is a premium gesture that works wonders applied alone or under the daily treatment.

Indicated for
All skin types.



  • Oligosaccharides extracted from Cyperus Esculentus – restores the suppleness of the skin
  • Peptide of biomolecular origin – wrinkles become less visible with re-pulping action
Duo of Calcium and Glucose – filling in action, stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis

Extract of Lens Esculenta

Light and fresh, it is rapidly absorbed, charging the skin with energy in an instant.


  • Recovers skin flexibility and resistance
  • Wrinkles and lines are smoothed
  • Tissue is lifted and firmness improved providing more density defining the facial oval
  • Visibility of pores reduced

Presentation: 50-ml glass bottle with dropper.



Apply before the usual treatment cream morning and night. In case of oily or combination skin VECTOR LIFT could be enough, not being necessary to apply the cream afterwards.